Peter grew up in Anchorage, AK but spent much of his time exploring the islands and estuaries across the bay from Homer where his parents spent most of their free time.  He went to school in Chicago, IL learning not only photography but where to find the best gyro in greek town.

   After Chicago he realized the west coast and more precisely Portland, was going to be home base.  Since then he's enjoyed the opportunity to work with and mentor under many amazing creatives in all capacities and see many campaigns come to term.  His passion for story telling has taken him all over the country as well as places beyond shooting and filming for a diverse range of clients.  Although his roots are in photography, for the last 10 years he's found deep satisfaction in producing message driven video for his clients.

   His clients include Nike, Adidas, Yamaha, Honda, Wesco boots, Nautilus, Reebok, Hewlett Packard, Keen, LL Bean, Cambria and New Balance to name a few.